Is there a site index or site map?

Not yet. In the near future a site map will be added. However, navigation has been greatly improved with the new menus structure.

Who is in charge of what?

Various members of the site are in charge of various portions of the site. Please refer to the staff list for more info.

I want to help promote the site. Is there a flyer?

In the near future we will have a promotional pack for distrobution.

Can I buy prints of the images I see here?

In the near future, we hope to have a partnership with Acorn Giclees INC, to offer posters, prints, and giclees.

Is there a newsletter to inform me of changes/new

A news letter is in the works.

Are there any related sites?

Art Attack members have made a livejournal page and a Yahoo Groups page. Feel free to check them out. However, please keep in mind that this site is the official source for news and information about the Art Attack.

What is “hotlinking” or bandwidth piracy?

Hotlinking and bandwidth piracy are the practice of embedding images/flash/music from a differ rent server into your own pages, guest book entries, live journal, etc. Many sites block this ability since it uses up the host sites bandwidth, which costs money.

Will I be able to hotlink (remote link) my images?

No. Hotlinking pictures is essentially stealing, since you are using up bandwidth resources that could be used for the site and its members. Since there is no way to diferenciate between a premium member hotlinking and a regular member hotlinking, hot linking is disabled for everyone.

Is this site free?

Regular membership to Art Attack is free but has various limitations. Premium membership is only $20 per year and gives premium members added features. However, both free/regular members and premium members are required to submit a portfolio for evaluation before they can be considered for membership.